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Cougar: Shay Fox Kitten: Brooke Wilde

Don't you just love sexy teens who stranded and helpless? Shay Fox finds cutie teen Brooke Wilde standing by the side of the road and brings her sweet ass back to her place. After revealing to Brooke that Shay is a lesbian, Brooke is immediately curious about how kissing such a hot MILF would feel like! Shay gently grabs Brooke by the back of her neck and the two hotties lean in for a sensual lesbian smooch! You'll lose your fuckin' mind once these chicks start showing off each others' sexy tits. Shay Fox peels off Brooke's panties to reveal the pinkest, cutest pussy ever and runs her tongue all over Brooke's cunt lips and finger-fucks her!

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Cougar: Jennifer Dark Kitten: Jillian Janson

Bad teacher, Jennifer Dark has a fetish for young 18-year-old teens so being a teacher, she gets to pick the hottest of the hot! After talking to Jillian Janson about her falling grades, Jennifer invites her over to her house for tutoring. Hypnotized by Jillian's youthful hotness, Jennifer starts the seduction by giving her an innocent little massage and then things quickly escalate into some seriously sensual pussy-eating and twat-twiddling! Teen Jillian gasps as Jennifer kisses her inner thighs and dips her tongue in Jillian's super fresh and super pink cunt! Just wait til it's Jillian's turn to impress the teacher! Wow!

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Cougar: G.I. Jen Kitten: Christina Snow

Young student, G.I Jen has a little crush on her MILF-y tutor, Christina Shaw. When Christina enters her room, G.I Jen is laying on her pretty bed wearing short shorts that aren't even buckled. She spreads her knee-high clad legs in a seductive way and watches as Christina gently sits on her bed. After nervously confessing her lesbian desires for her teacher, Christina tells her it's perfectly normal and the two hotties start making out. Stripping both their clothes off, they hop into a 69 and munch on each others' cunts and cracks until they've creamed the sheets. Next, Christina finger-bangs the hell out of Jen's twat and licks it clean!